1) This one is really old, but I really love the sound of it. It is one of my favorites of Purity Ring and I think it will be the next years.

2) Who the fuck is Astrid? I heard that song on spotify and now I know it by heart. I pressed on repeat the entire month! she is a star from norwegian version of Pop Idol and placed number five. Who would have thought she would do this kind of music afterwards. I really like her. Here is an amazing  acoustic version of „Jolene“!

3)i know.. this is a mainstream one. But somehow it was played by me a few times last month. I like the original track „dance with somebody“ but this new mainstream version makes me laugh. And I do not take it seriously so it is fun!

4) I download this incredible LP from Azealia Banks and I enjoyed it! This one is my favorite track on this album, because of the latin vibes. The spanish rap part is the booomb!

5) I  am not a super big fan of her. But this music video is original and I love that its different. Colorful and Strange at the same time. But I really have to move everytime I listend to it. I just want to jump around underneath the sun and be happy!

6) This last one is more calm. But it is amazingly wonderful! Her voice and this piano just gives me goos bumps…simply beautiful.


What was you listening to this last month? Let me know in the comments below. <3

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